Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday, November 18

Hi Parents/Guardians,

Thank the Lord the weather has warmed up a little this week! 

Yesterday, I had students bring a note home to tell you a little bit about our "Change for Change" act of kindness. As a grade 5 class, we are sponsoring a child: Wilmer from Guatemala. Once a month we will collect change as our donation. To make it more meaningful, you may wish to ask your child to do something to earn the change. Next week, we will write letters to Wilmer. We will use only first names in our letters (but if you would rather something else, please let me know). 

We have two contests happening in our class: Remembrance Day poster (due December 1st) and a new one we are discussing today- A photo contest. Click the pictures for the rules and guidelines. This is NOT mandatory. It is just for fun. 

We are currently working on "parts and totals" or NS5-13 for those who are following along with the JUMP Math at Home. Our next topics are: word problems addition and subtraction; working with larger numbers (millions); problem solving with concepts in number sense; arrays. 

Social Studies
Students are working on the Remembrance Day posters. Forms will be sent home today for those interested in submitting their poster to the contest. 

We are continuing with Classroom Chemistry. Students are conducting experiments to look for chemical reactions. Next, we will be looking at tools used to separate materials in a mixture. 

This week we will start a partner reading activity. It's always a lot of fun to be able to read with someone in the class. This will allow students to have someone to talk with about the book.

We have finished talking about point of view. We are applying what we have learned to a writing assignment. Students had to choose a Disney or Fairy Tale villain and write a letter from their point of view. 

We will also start November's Battle of the Books. Ask your child which book they are thinking of battling with. 

We have just commenced our narrative writing unit! My Favourite! We have experimented with elaborate detail by using the rule "show, don't tell." Students are writing short paragraphs of critical characters, setting, and objects. 

We just finished our trees with chalk pastel- they look amazing!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Busy Week

Hi Everyone!

We have quite the busy week ahead of us:

Monday- Report Cards; Remembrance Day Ceremony at 10:45 in the gym 
*Wear red to show your support 
Tuesday- No School (Remembrance Day) 
Wednesday- Book Fair; Picture retake  
*Students can bring money in to spend at the Scholastic's Book Fair (60% of the money goes to our school library!)
Thursday- Noon dismissal; Parent-teacher interviews. Don't forget to schedule an appointment through the link that was emailed out on Friday. 
Friday- No school

October's Battle of the Books:

Every month student's nominate a book they wish to use for our Battle of the Books. This month's winner was Peter Nimble & His Fantastic Eyes. Ask your child what book they put forth. 

Reading Logs

Starting this week, reading logs will be sent home. Students will record their 30 minutes of nightly reading. At the end of the week, I ask that you initial. 


Look at our fantastic art project we are working on. Finished projects will be displayed outside our classroom during Parent-Teacher Interviews

Remembrance Day Contest

Starting this week, we will work on a poster contest for Remembrance Day. It is not mandatory that students enter their work into the contest, but they will still work on a poster. I will give plenty of class time to finish, after that it will be sent home. If students want to enter their work into the contest, I will send home a form that will need to be filled out. 
If you would like more information, click here. 

Just to brighten your day, here is a picture of the two cutest cats in the entire world....although, I may be a little biased: 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October 29

Hi Everyone!

It has been a busy last couple of weeks. Here are some of the things we have finished:


We finished our Apostle's Creed scrolls, and they look great!
Next, we are working on a Noah's Ark children's story

We are working on the Literary Element: Point of View. We continue to work on expository writing. Students had a chance to put their new skills to the test with our Science Project. 


We just finished our first unit (patterning), and have started Number Sense. 


The "Wild Weather" project is due on Friday. Ms. Bush has started teaching our new unit: Classroom Chemistry. The weather science test will come home today! Students did very well :) 

Social Studies
We are currently learning about the Cordillera region. After Ms. Bush finishes with this region, we will start a class assignment. 

Things to Know
October 30: K-4 Halloween Dance
October 31: Dress Up Day
November 3: All Saints Day Liturgy 9 am

November 10: Remembrance Day Observation 10:45; Book fair starts; Report Cards go home
November 11: No School- Remembrance Day
November 12: Picture retake. If you want a retake, the original order forms need to come back to school
November 13: Noon dismissal; Parent-Teacher interviews
November 14: No School

Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29

Hi Everyone!

Here are some highlights from last week:

Religion-  We talked about the 7 sacraments of the Catholic church

Math- We learned how to use t-tables to solve word problems, and worked on repeating patterns

Social Studies- The students explored the map of Canada to discover the provinces and territories, and their capitals

Science- Students learned about wind, and air pressure

LA- We continued work on Literary Elements, with focus on Setting. We read a book by Lois Lowery called "Crow Call" an analyzed the setting.

We also had a special visitor in the class: we got to meet the intern teacher (student teacher) who will work with us from October 20th-Dec 12th.

Important Things to Know

Spaghetti supper is on Thursday 

Social Studies test is on Monday, October 6. Study guides were sent home today. 

Students need two sticks for their Apostle's Creed Scroll that we will work on this week. They can be small sticks that can fit the length of a piece of paper. See picture below. If students cannot find two small sticks, they can bring in one larger one that we can cut. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

September 22

Hi Everyone!

We had a fantastic week in grade 5S. Some of the highlights of our week:

-Finishing our Beakerhead Atomic 13 Challenge. Thanks to all students who participated. It looks great!

- In Religion: we discussed bullying and friendship. We took Family Channel's anti bullying pledge, and then created our very own!

- In Math: we continue to work with patterns. We just started learning about pattern rules, and how to use them. We completed our very first Friday Math quiz

-In Social Studies: students participated in Ms. Sprague's annual "Continent Scavenger Hunt" using an atlas

-In Science- we started our temperature experiment. Our goal was to see if the temperature is the same, or if it changes in different parts of the school, and outside.

-In Art- students are completing their name art, and are moving on to Picasso inspired creations!

-In reading: we are working on setting. Students had to bring in 5 objects that would describe their personal setting

In writing: students are studying an introduction to the three types of writing we will be doing this year- persuasive, expository, and narrative.

Important Information:

  • The Terry Fox run is on Wednesday, September 24 at 10:45
  • Magazine orders are due by Thursday, September 25
  • Our first awards assembly will be on Friday, September 26 at 11:30

FUN ANNOUNCEMENT- Tomorrow I will be giving a fun announcement....stay tuned to hear from you child 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Meet the Teacher

I am excited to see everyone who attends our "Meet the Teacher" night at OLS. There is a lot of important information to share...and, you will get to see our finished project for the Beakerhead Atomic 13 challenge.

See you tonight!

Friday, September 5, 2014

First Week

We have had a fantastic week here in 5S! What a great start of the school year.

Today, I announced that grades 4, 5, and 6 will participate in the Beakerhead  Atomic 13 challenge. It involves using Science and creativity to build a project. A project made entirely of tin foil! On Monday, we will open our package to find out what our challenge entails, and we will have ONLY 5 days to finish.

Yesterday, we talked about some tips to help us chose "just-right" books. Ask your child to share some of those with you. We also started our whole class read aloud- Holes.

A few important things for next week:
-We will visit the Library on Tuesday
-Magazine fundraiser kick off is Wednesday
-Thursday is "Meet the Teacher"

Beakerhead Challenges from the Past: